Source: OC Register

Author: Frank Mickadeit

Published On: Oct 31, 2013

Former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway tells me she is running for mayor next year, challenging longtime political ally Mayor Tom Tait because she believes he has become powerless and presides over a City Council beset with “acrimony and dissension.”

There was speculation Galloway might run, but she has refused to comment until now. Her definitive statement to me this week, however, leaves no doubt that she’s in and that Anaheim City Hall is set for another tumultuous year. Councilwoman Lucille Kring is expected to run as well, creating at least a three-way race for the leadership of O.C.’s largest city.

Kring’s entry wouldn’t be a surprise; she has been opposing Tait for months. Galloway’s is a shock, however, given their political relationship. Even though she is a Democrat and he is a Republican, they found a lot of common ground.

When Galloway left the council last year because of term limits, Tait lost the only person who had stood with him on two contentious issues: 1) they have a mutual opposition to a $158 million tax break for a hotel developer and 2) they both believe that only a City Council in which members are elected by voters solely within their districts would remedy underrepresentation of west and central Anaheim at City Hall. More recently, they both opposed extending the lease opt-out clause Arte Moreno has on the city-owned Angel Stadium, saying it gave him too much leverage.

On all three issues, Tait has been opposed by the other four members of the City Council, including Kring.

I’ve always had a good relationship with Galloway, but I’ve also always liked Tait a great deal. I cringe when I see what has happened to his mayoralty. To the extent that I’m writing about Galloway’s [...]