Lorri’s Introduction: The 2014 Candidates Forum

The Anaheim Hills Community Council and the Anaheim Hills Buzz organized the 2014 Candidates Forum at Influence Center in Anaheim Hills, CA on Thursday October 9th. The forum was designed to showcase the 2014 Anaheim mayoral and city council candidates in a question and answer type forum. The public was invited and many gathered to hear each candidate’s view on specific issues, from neighborhood re-investment, to taxes, to the Anaheim Angels negotiations.

FOX 11 News: You Decide SoCal 2014: Lorri Galloway [Video]

FOX 11 News Video featuring Lorri Galloway.

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Watch Lorri Galloway on FOX 11 News in partnership with the OC Register respond to questions regarding some of Anaheim’s most difficult issues.

Galloway Mayoral HQ Launch is a Huge Success

Source: Liberal OC

Author: Dan Chmielewski

Published On: Mar 21st, 2014

I knew I was in trouble when I was 15 minutes late to the Lorri Galloway’s Mayoral headquarters launch party and I couldn’t find a place to park.  Ten minutes after I arrived, I had to dodge about 50 people in the street who rocked out to an amazing band because the room inside the Old Anaheim Chamber of Commerce headquarters was wall to wall people and Galloway was chatting up everyone.

The energy and enthusiasm at the party was a reflection of Galloway’s candidacy.

The Lucille Kring events are loaded with Anaheim’s political establishment and Tom Tait’s fundraisers, usually attended by his family and staff, are smaller affairs.  The difference in Galloway’s event was a sea of Anaheim residents — young people, older residents, many Latino families.  It was a terrific event that had significant energy and lots of smiles.  Kring is going to be the beneficiary of big money and Tait has a personal fortune.  Galloway is rich in people who live in Anaheim who know her and have been helped by her.  Being the only Democrat in the race should also play to her advantage.

Galloway is aiming to be Anaheim’s next Democratic mayor and the first woman mayor in the city’s history.  Many of those attending the party had stories of how Galloway personally helped them either through her role as an Anaheim council member or through the Eli Home, Galloway’s charity that aides abused children and families.  I had to leave well before the party ended but had to dodge more people streaming into the event and noticed the telltale signs of cars driving around the block looking for parking.  I estimated the crowd at between 150 to 200 people.


Source: Liberal OC

Author: Dan Chmielewski

Published On: Mar 21st, 2014

Galloway will run against Tait

Source: OC Register

Author: Frank Mickadeit

Published On: Oct 31, 2013

Former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway tells me she is running for mayor next year, challenging longtime political ally Mayor Tom Tait because she believes he has become powerless and presides over a City Council beset with “acrimony and dissension.”

There was speculation Galloway might run, but she has refused to comment until now. Her definitive statement to me this week, however, leaves no doubt that she’s in and that Anaheim City Hall is set for another tumultuous year. Councilwoman Lucille Kring is expected to run as well, creating at least a three-way race for the leadership of O.C.’s largest city.

Kring’s entry wouldn’t be a surprise; she has been opposing Tait for months. Galloway’s is a shock, however, given their political relationship. Even though she is a Democrat and he is a Republican, they found a lot of common ground.

When Galloway left the council last year because of term limits, Tait lost the only person who had stood with him on two contentious issues: 1) they have a mutual opposition to a $158 million tax break for a hotel developer and 2) they both believe that only a City Council in which members are elected by voters solely within their districts would remedy underrepresentation of west and central Anaheim at City Hall. More recently, they both opposed extending the lease opt-out clause Arte Moreno has on the city-owned Angel Stadium, saying it gave him too much leverage.

On all three issues, Tait has been opposed by the other four members of the City Council, including Kring.

I’ve always had a good relationship with Galloway, but I’ve also always liked Tait a great deal. I cringe when I see what has happened to his mayoralty. To the extent that I’m writing about Galloway’s [...]

Lorri Galloway Announces Campaign for Anaheim Mayor

Source: Liberal OC

Author: Dan Chmielewski

Published On: Nov 1, 2013

Former Anaheim Council member Lorri Galloway has decided to throw her hat into the ring and challenge conservative Republican Mayor Tom Tait in the 2014 election.  The official story in Frank Mickadeit’s column hit online Halloween night but OC Weekly broke the news — with sources from the Register — Halloween morning.


Gustavo Arellano writes:

“…she’s already telling them that she believes she can win, viewing current Anaheim mayor Tom Tait as a lame duck who has little support from conservatives in the city and thinking she can peel off the liberals and progressives who have stood by Tait as he has emerged as the lone council voice against the Curt Pringle machine that rules the city. The move will shatter the strange alliance that has coalesced around Tait, and probably ensure that whoever Pringle gets to run against Tait and Galloway will win.

Her move is not universally loved by progressive activists who have sided with Tait, and must now publicly distance themselves from him once the unions start filing behind Galloway. Ooh, this is going to be fun!”

Galloway can win and here’s how.

It begins and ends with Tait being a weak mayor.  Name another Republican mayor with a Republican council majority in Orange County that doesn’t follow his every whim?  Tait can’t control the clown car of former jail birds, underemployed finger puppeteers, and bigoted non-profit spokesholes that make up his loudest supporters.  The Pringle Jingles are not universally loved either.  Anaheim has changed enough to move more to the left.  If Council member Kris Murray is as disliked as Tait supporters say, then perhaps a good Democratic candidate can knock her out too giving a Galloway-lead city council a 3-2 majority.

Tait is on the short end of a 4-1 council majority [...]