Create: Sparking Small Business in Anaheim

Our city is blessed to have some large corporations that employ many local residents. However, small business has been the backbone of American economy. It is imperative that city leadership focus and push to diversify Anaheim industry as well as encourage and spark small business and entrepreneurship. We will find ways to create a business friendly environment for all businesses, large and small, and invite outside companies to explore opportunities for growth and success in the city of Anaheim.

In my political career, as in business, I am above all a pragmatist. I do what needs to be done and support what is right, fair and reasonable. Political labels are not a barrier. I engage people from either end of the political spectrum and everywhere in between. While I have championed causes that benefit working families in some instances, I have supported business in others.

As mayor I look forward to building consensus rather than contention. I intend to work to find common ground with council colleagues to move our city forward into an era of prosperity—for both business and residents.

My Top Project Priorities to Sparking Business in Anaheim

1.)  Move forward with an expanded and improved convention center which will provide more job opportunities for Anaheim residents and help us stay competitive with other conventions centers throughout the state.

2.)  Negotiate a new deal to keep the Angels in Anaheim – a deal that is fair to our residents and taxpayers but one in which the Angels can thrive and make a profit – if the Angels prosper the City of Anaheim will as well.

3.)  Make sure our working families have a chance to benefit from the city’s prosperity.  I propose public/private partnerships to bolster new development [...]

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Commit: Improving Our Anaheim Neighborhoods


Anaheim is the largest and most diverse city in Orange County. I embrace our unique city culture and welcome the many different heritages that now call Anaheim home.

Sadly, our city continues to feel divided and many people feel underrepresented. Community blight continues to grow throughout many of our neighborhoods. Peace and a sense of security are nonexistent for far too many of our citizens. People tell me every week just how hard life has gotten for them. Homelessness has become a central issue for not only the children and families who call the streets their home, but for residents who have safety concerns for their parks and neighborhoods. Now is the time we must commit and prioritize finding true solutions for homelessness as well as improving our Anaheim neighborhoods.

I have been working to inspire and empower families through my work at The Eli Home for over 30 years. This work has helped many families overcome the challenging circumstances they were once facing. As Mayor, I will work to find proactive solutions, rather than reactive remedies. These are not just words. I have proven that I am committed to such positive work while serving on Anaheim City Council. One of my proudest political accomplishments was helping to lead the way and establish the Anaheim Family Justice Center in collaboration with the Anaheim Police Department. Today, I continue to work with at-risk youth in one of our city’s toughest areas to give them positive “choices” of employment and education in place of gang affiliation, tagging or dropping out of school.

Anaheim, it’s time we stop reacting to crime and community blight and start a proactive, open and honest dialogue with each other. It’s time we become proactive [...]

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Collaborate: Building a Fun and Beautiful Anaheim

Millions of people visit our city’s theme parks and resorts every year in search of exciting, fun and unforgettable family memories. Our city is blessed to be such a fun vacation destination; however, there is still much that needs to be done to make Anaheim a fun and beautiful place for its actual residents.

I believe that for each of us to be at our best we must find balance in life. We must find ways to have fun. Through my work at the Eli Home, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by children each and every day. Some are facing extremely challenging circumstances, but each and everyone still innately finds ways to play and enjoy life.

Whatever your favorite pastime, whether it is hiking in the hills, feeding the ducks in Pearson Park, playing ball with your children, or simply enjoying a good book from your local library, there is so much that our local city government can do to excite and help you find happier ways to experience your city.

However, there are still far too many neighborhoods in our city that are dominated by concrete and absent of proper recreational facilities, infrastructure and parks. The hills are plush with beauty; however, west and central are severely lacking proper recreational outlets for their residents.

I realize that beautifying our entire city takes time. In the short term, we must strive for more collaboration between parks and recreation and local schools to ensure that proper space is provided for our youth to exercise and have an outlet to play and enjoy the day.

As your Mayor, I will collaborate with schools and other local organizations to improve our parks and recreational facilitates throughout all of Anaheim. 

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