Create, Commit, Collaborate


As a proud 43 year Anaheim citizen, I am so thankful and appreciative of our city. From the East Hills to the West End, I am grateful for all of the beauty and charm that our diverse community has to offer its residents.

However, I believe Anaheim has plenty of room for improvement.  It is imperative that city leadership focus on the three key areas that matter most to our entire community: creating a business friendly environment and welcoming new business to Anaheim, committing to our neighborhoods, and collaborating to improve our city’s recreational areas.

Create: Sparking Small Business in Anaheim

Our city is blessed to have some large corporations that employ many local residents. However, small business has been the backbone of American economy. It is imperative that city leadership focus and push to diversify Anaheim industry as well as encourage and spark small business and entrepreneurship. We will find ways to create a business friendly environment for all businesses, large and small, and invite outside companies to explore opportunities for growth and success in the city of Anaheim.

In my political career, as in business, I am above all a pragmatist. I do what needs to be done and support what is right, fair and reasonable. Political labels are not a barrier. I engage people from either end of the political spectrum and everywhere in between. While I have championed causes that benefit working families in some instances, I have supported business in others.

As mayor I look forward to building consensus rather than contention. I intend to work to find common ground with council colleagues to move our city forward into an era of prosperity—for both business and residents.

Anaheim City Hall

My Top Project Priorities to Sparking Business in Anaheim

1.)  Move forward with an expanded and improved convention center which will provide more job opportunities for Anaheim residents and help us stay competitive with other conventions centers throughout the state.

2.)  Negotiate a new deal to keep the Angels in Anaheim – a deal that is fair to our residents and taxpayers but one in which the Angels can thrive and make a profit – if the Angels prosper the City of Anaheim will as well.

3.)  Make sure our working families have a chance to benefit from the city’s prosperity.  I propose public/private partnerships to bolster new development and spark new business creation in Anaheim. I am focused on increasing job training and worker education to bring job opportunities for residents in all our communities so they can share and contribute to our city’s growth– doing so will create a more stable, safe and unified Anaheim — all working together towards the same goals.

4.)  Prioritize and encourage programs that provide business mentorships for at-risk youth.  There is a critical lack of job opportunities and job training programs for at-risk youth, ages 15 through 20.  Business owners can be the perfect mentors and advocates for youth to stay in school and train for employment.

5.)  Build a rapid public transportation system to move people more efficiently throughout our resort area.

6.)  Create a Business & Industry Commission to attract and retain new industries to Anaheim that foster new high paying job creation for residents.