Create, Commit, Collaborate

Anaheim Neighborhoods

As a proud 43 year Anaheim citizen, I am so thankful and appreciative of our city. From the East Hills to the West End, I am grateful for all of the beauty and charm that our diverse community has to offer its residents.

However, I believe Anaheim has plenty of room for improvement.  It is imperative that city leadership focus on the three key areas that matter most to our entire community: creating a business friendly environment and welcoming new business to Anaheim, committing to our neighborhoods, and collaborating to improve our city’s recreational areas.


Commit: Improving Our Anaheim Neighborhoods

Anaheim is the largest and most diverse city in Orange County. I embrace our unique city culture and welcome the many different heritages that now call Anaheim home.

Sadly, our city continues to feel divided and many people feel underrepresented. Community blight continues to grow throughout many of our neighborhoods. Peace and a sense of security are nonexistent for far too many of our citizens. People tell me every week just how hard life has gotten for them. Homelessness has become a central issue for not only the children and families who call the streets their home, but for residents who have safety concerns for their parks and neighborhoods. Now is the time we must commit and prioritize finding true solutions for homelessness as well as improving our Anaheim neighborhoods.

I have been working to inspire and empower families through my work at The Eli Home for over 30 years. This work has helped many families overcome the challenging circumstances they were once facing. As Mayor, I will work to find proactive solutions, rather than reactive remedies. These are not just words. I have proven that I am committed to such positive work while serving on Anaheim City Council. One of my proudest political accomplishments was helping to lead the way and establish the Anaheim Family Justice Center in collaboration with the Anaheim Police Department. Today, I continue to work with at-risk youth in one of our city’s toughest areas to give them positive “choices” of employment and education in place of gang affiliation, tagging or dropping out of school.

Anaheim, it’s time we stop reacting to crime and community blight and start a proactive, open and honest dialogue with each other. It’s time we become proactive in launching effective preventive programs that get to the true root of our deepest issues. If we want to create safer, happier neighborhoods, if we want to actually create a better way, we must truly commit to sincerely caring for others and it starts with city leadership.